Paul LemleThe reason to ride in 24 Foundation is different for every individual, but most share one common reason – to support a great cause.  As a cancer survivor, Paul Lemle made the decision to join others in the fight against cancer. He has experienced first hand the physical, mental and emotional struggles of fighting cancer. Now that he has beaten the disease, he wants to help others as they continue to push forward.

“I decided to ride in 24 Foundation because of the organization’s local beneficiary, the Ulman Cancer Fund,” said Paul Lemle.  “As a survivor, I share the mission to make sure no one fights alone. “

Unlike some folks who ride in the event to attain mileage goals, he prefers to relax and enjoy the ride. With hopes of good weather, he plans to ride in the Columbia event for what will be his second year.

“Booty is so easy – you really don’t need to train for it unless you are eyeballing a hairy personal goal,” Paul said.  “I’m bringing a beach cruising bike with a mobile boom box attached, and don’t plan to go very fast!”

The atmosphere has had a great impact on Paul. Being a very relaxed type of guy, enjoying Bootyville and its surroundings comes with great ease.

“The relaxed pace and fun atmosphere is what I enjoy most,” Paul said.  I had a great time with the other riders, including a late night cheering section turned water fight/rider ambush!”

Participating in 24 Foundation has changed his entire outlook on the many different methods to fighting cancer. It has allowed him to stay involved and continue motivating others who are currently experiencing what he has previously been through with cancer.

“Being a 24 Foundation rider gives me something new to talk about with folks who are wondering how they can fight for people with cancer,” Paul said.  “I’ve done the Ulman Fund’s ride to Key West the past two years, and Booty is a much more accessible challenge for people on the sidelines looking for a way to get in the game!”


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