IRideForKimIn the world of cycling, an awesome jersey design is what makes a rider stand out and 24 Foundation riders are no exception. The difference is that many of the riders have a story behind the spandex jersey they ride in during the event.

The design behind team I Ride for Kim’s cycling kits is deep rooted. Inspiration for the design came from team captain, Bruce Kumke’s wife Kim, who battled brain cancer and passed away in July 2011. The jerseys are designed around a butterfly tattoo Kim had on her foot.  The team has ridden in 24 Foundation since 2009 after Kim was diagnosed.  Every year the “in-honor-of-Kim- theme for the jersey has been centered around the butterfly and an inspirational quote.

Gwynn Mckeown, a graphic designer for Gita,  is the artist behind the I Ride for Kim jersey that the team will be wearing during the event. Her main work is composed of custom clothing designs for professional teams, shops, local clubs and charity rides.  With the help of a few team members with past designs, Gwyn was able to put together this year’s jersey.

“Each custom clothing job is unique and special, but the ones for 24 Foundation are extra special because it hits closer to home,” Gwynn said. “These are my neighbors, friends and family who are participating in the local fundraiser and I’m honored to work on each and every job that comes in to our company.”


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