The difference between the success and failure of an event is a great team. 24 Foundation is fortunate to have the Booty Crew as a backbone of all our events. Susan Treusdell is a true testament to these ideals. Treusdell heard about 24 Foundation through the Ulman Cancer Fund events and the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Being involved since the event began in Columbia in 2008, Treusdell began as a volunteer and then transitioned to a Booty Crew member.


Susan is a 20-year thyroid cancer survivor and knows many others who are fighting battles with cancer, as well. She describes the Booty Crew as ambassadors for 24 Foundation who promote the event, recruit riders and volunteer on the Booty Loop. Her responsibilities include getting the bike shops to participate and help spread the word to their customers. Her goals as a Booty Crew member this year is to encourage people to participate and enjoy the event.

Treusdell says there are countless memorable moments during the race. There was two moments, which stood out most for her. One year in Columbia, a rider rode one loop for each of the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. At the finish line he rode water arch made by local firefighters. The second moment occurred when a rabbi led a non-denominational prayer service one morning that left a peaceful sprit among riders.

“Every year has its moments…the notes on people’s bibs, the speakers and conversations with fellow riders,” says Treusdell.

24 Foundation has turned Treusdell into a true cyclist. While Treusdell has found a passion for cycling, she wants new riders to know you don’t have to be a professional to ride on the loop. She advises new riders to just enjoy the ride and feel good about raising money for a good cause.

“I’m proud that 24 Foundation raises funds for the [Ulman Cancer Fund] and the [LIVESTRONG Foundation] so they can continue their great work,” Treusdell said.

Join Susan at the 2015 24 Foundation Columbia event – click here.

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