The Art Class that LCI provides to patients and caregivers is so vitally important…especially, now, in this time of uncertainty and isolation.

I originally came to class because of Meg Turner, Psychotherapist, at LCI. She helped me see that I had become withdrawn and isolated because of some issues my husband and I were going through. He is a Multiple Myeloma patient and the diagnosis, the chemo drugs and the stem cell transplant had all changed his personality and, in turn, had placed a great deal of stress on us and on our marriage of only 6 years.

I reached out to Supportive Services because I felt I was at the “end of my rope.” Meg was a Godsend and so was Expressionistic Art.

Through art and, because of the instructor, Manuela, who is a Angel, I was able to find myself again. And, to discover a side of myself that I never knew existed…the creative side.

I was like a sponge…absorbing everything that Manuela shared! I began to feel good about myself; to feel that life was worth living, to feel alive!

This love of art and the way it can “take you outside of yourself,” has been a tremendous source of comfort during the recent pandemic.

I have been able to release my frustration and anger with all of these negative emotions by painting, by creating!

So, thank you, LCI, for providing all the things you do to help both patients and caregivers! And, thank you to the Sponsors for making this possible!

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