Please tell us a little bit about your cancer journey.

I am a Multiple Myeloma survivor. I’ve been in remission for one year now. I’ve endured radiation, chemotherapy and two stem cell transplants. First STC Nov. 2018 Second STC March 2019. Currently, l on Revlimid and Ninloro as my Chemo maintenance as I am high risk. But most importantly I am a wife, mother of six, along with one granddaughter and one dog. And the love of my life is my hubby hero who has taken care of me and our family without any hesitation or pause. What got me through my darkest days was the love of family and friends. My faith played a major role as and knowing people were praying for me everywhere. 

What organization are you connected with and how have you benefited from their services?

Leukemia, Lymphoma Society, Wind River Wellness, Buddy Kemp Cancer Center and Myeloma Support VI’s Facebook. 

These organizations have been an incredible resource for me. From grants, copay assistance, counseling, emotional support, ongoing nutritional advice and establishing genuine relationships with amazing people has been a blessing to me on my journey.

What advice would you share with someone facing their own cancer journey?

My advice for any cancer patient is to never give up, stay positive, surround yourself with high energy people. Understand you will have bad days but this too shall pass. It’s okay to cry and scream but remember to smile and laugh more. Establish a great rapport with your medical team and ask questions. Educate yourself and be an active part of your recovery.


As I rise to the birds chirping, the leaves rustling, the creek flowing – I feel this stillness. This peace. 

Understanding that the Earth’s energy creates a calmness if I only surrender my fears, my burdens. Allowing myself to become an empty vessel.

In this place of Healing (Wind River), the mind has been freed of fear. The spirit has been renewed. The body has been relaxed and purified. This thing called cancer has been released. And my Faith and Hope restored. 

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