The end of Susan’s breast cancer treatments left her a little at a loss.  After spending almost six months fighting breast cancer, the realization came that cancer was a significant event in her life, even though she refuses to be defined by it.  “I came to the realization that I couldn’t just forget about the cancer,” said Susan.  “It doesn’t have to control or define me, but it comes with an impact that you also can’t forget.”

Last week, Susan visited Nikki’s Tattoo Studio to celebrate the end of her treatment and get a permanent reminder of how the cancer impacted her life.  Nikki’s studio is owned and staffed by women and she does a lot of work with breast cancer survivors.  “It was important to me to get the tattoo, but I’m not sure I can put into words why,” Susan said. “I didn’t want a plain pink ribbon, but I wanted something to represent my fight,” she said.  “So I incorporated the pink breast cancer ribbon into a Celtic design that seemed more unique and more ‘me.’ It took almost two hours, but it was well worth it.”










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