24 Foundation has proudly sustained a sponsor partnership with Boingo Graphics since 2007 that has grown to provide a impact not only on each individual organization, but a larger impact on the Charlotte community.

“Originally the partnership was a way to give back to our community and help support a cause that has literally affected everyone in our company at some point, in some way,” said Linda Kirby, Boingo Graphics EVP. “Supporting 24 Foundation is something everyone can rally behind and over the years has become a part of our culture at Boingo Graphics.”

As Boingo began to realize the overall impact they were creating, the company decided to join the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and created a program called Boingo Cares that helps several other nonprofit organizations in the community. The strong relationship with 24 Foundation has directly impacted the success of the Boingo Cares program.

“Through our engagement with 24 Foundation we were introduced to some wonderful people,” Linda said. “These relationships have become an important part of our success story. Our support of the organization was not only welcomed, but celebrated by the Booty folks!”

Together, 24 Foundation, Boingo Graphics and the Charlotte community have grown stronger as a result of the strides made because of the sponsor partnership.

“Whether we are helping raise money, riding our bikes for 24 hours or printing banners and signage for the event, Boingo is grateful for our partnership with 24 Foundation!,” Linda said.

Interested in becoming a 24 Foundation sponsor? Find more information here.

Let’s fight cancer together!

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