Dave TurpinDave Turpin is known famously by 24 Foundation friends and family as the man on the unicycle, which he rode at last year’s event in Charlotte.

“I’m just another nut-case buzzing around on a wheel,” Dave said.

24 Foundation is an event that according to Dave is predicated by camaraderie. The first time Dave rode with 24 Foundation was in 2009 on a mountain bike completely solo. The experience did not give him the bug until he decided to put together a small team of coworkers a couple of years later.

“Today I ride weekly with a friend as we train for the next 24 Foundation event,” Dave said. “In a way, 24 Foundation is an excuse to stay fit. The event itself is safe, well organized and the cause is never lost in the confusion of the event itself.”

Through 24 Foundation Dave has met and learned of many families and individuals who are dealing with life threatening illness.

“The net effect is to make me conscientiously note that our time in this world may be shorter than we planned,” Dave said. “None of us know when we will be called up to the challenge of a life threatening disease. 24 Foundation provides a platform for us to recognize our own mortality.”

To date, Dave has participated in five 24 Foundation events, three in Charlotte and two in Atlanta. He is currently training to ride in the two events this year again. Why does Dave ride?

“At my age, because I can,” Dave said.

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