24 HOB 2013Connections – it is what brings people together and creates a sense of community. 24 Foundation is a community of connections that bring people together for a common cause — to fight cancer. Every individual’s reason to join the fight against cancer is different. For Chris Garrett, he wanted to find a way to honor his father’s memory.

“ I first heard about [the event] when Basil left Push America to join 24 Foundation,” Chris Garrett said. “Then in November of 2009 my father Bill lost his battle with cancer, and I was looking for a way to ‘do something’ – to honor him and other family members and friends who had been impacted by the disease.”

Not long after, Chris ran across 24 Foundation again and realized that was it.  It all seemed to come together and make sense for Chris. 24 Foundation was a great event, contributing to a great cause, and it was also coming to Atlanta, a place Bill and Ann had called home for over 40 years.

It has now been five years since his initial ride in the 24 Foundation Atlanta event. Each year has been filled with great times and new memories. Being around others who are just as focused and determined as he is has been very impactful.

“My teammates, the staff, the riders, the survivors – hearing their stories and seeing them out on the bike – everyone there is working towards the same goal, and that’s a great thing,” Chris said.

Through encouragement from friends and family he continues to be involved in giving back to a good cause. This event has been exactly what he needed. It has helped him heal and allowed him to continue to honor his father.

“This may sound strange, but I think 24 Foundation has helped me in my healing process,” Chris said.  “That first year, one of the segments I rode from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. – that time of the night is now one of my favorite times to ride at 24 Foundation.  It is very quiet and peaceful, and it gives me time to think about why I’m there.”

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