John Turkupolis, 2013 24 Foundation of Indianapolis rider on Team IDOC – Parole District #3,  graciously shared his sentiments and personal reflections on what his participation in the event has meant to him. 

As I was driving home tonight, I had some time to reflect on the true meaning of this event and had an opportunity to decipher my intrinsic benefit or individual need met from participation. I had a conversation or prayer with my dad and God, and expressed just how much he meant to me, how I appreciated him and what he modeled for me, in the hope that I just might glean the jist of what he was doing here on this Earth.

My dad immortalized many admirable traits, but some of the one’s that I recalled were his strong work ethic, unselfish behavior, his generosity and his love of family and general well-being of all mankind within his grasp or ability to assist. The cancer that terminated his life here on Earth was for a purpose, I must now demonstrate these ideals.

24 Foundation of Indianapolis and our collective effort as a team during this entire project was one of those things encompassing many of his traits and I enjoyed myself, the company I was with and why we were here.

Thank you “Sunshine Anytime” and “Precious Kitten.”

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