Stories From a Survivor: Meet Marcia

I am a longtime cancer survivor with a current diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. My journey began in 2002 and I am currently a patient at Atrium Healthcare. The advice […]

Stories from a Survivor: Meet Brenda

The Art Class that LCI provides to patients and caregivers is so vitally important…especially, now, in this time of uncertainty and isolation. I originally came to class because of Meg […]

Stories from a Survivor: Meet Patrick

After receiving my diagnosis, it felt like a dark cloud was over my wife and I. Sometimes it’s hard to put words together that best describe my cancer journey. For […]

Stories from a Survivor: Meet Nancy

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2015. I was devastated to learn that Stage 4 was terminal. My world turned upside as of that moment. But […]